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Fair Trade bake off

22 May 2017

Appearance winner: Aoife (P4) and Ruairi (P2) Dempsey.




Junior entry winner: Annie Leadon (P5)

Overall bake off winner: Anna (P3) and Niamh (P1) McNicholl.

Our four wonderful judges scored the cakes in terms of the amount of Fair Trade products the participants used as well as their appearance and taste.

Mrs. Bradley cuts the cake.

Patricia and Declan impressed by the free food on offer.

Monica tasting some cake.

The judges deep in discussion about their favourite cake.

Mrs. Bradley in charge of making sure everyone gets an equal share!

Declan Donnelly discusses Fair Trade products with the pupils.

Have we another judge?

Thinking about it...

Inspecting the cake.

A selection of Fair Trade products used by the participants in the bake off. Do you recognise any of these?

A big thank you to Mrs. McCloy, our judges, our bakers and anyone else who made our Fir Trade Bake-Off possible.

Remember to look out for products with the Fair Trade symbol on them the next time you're in the shops!






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