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Grammar for the Month

14 Nov 2017


Grammar for the month                 



When to Use

How to Test

 Example of when to use


Naming a place, a thing, or the existence of something

Replace "there” with "here”

"I’ve never been there before.”

 Test: "I’ve never been here before.”



Showing possession

Replace "their” with "our”

"I went to their cottage last summer.”

 Test: "I went to our cottage last summer.”



Combining the words "they” and "are”

Replace "they’re” with "they are”

"They’re the two best players in the league.”

 Test: "They are the two best players in the league.”



A different sound to the next two words

Has to do with a place, location or situation


"Where is the coffee shop?” (Adverb)                            "He lives where the sun is always shining.” (Conjunction)                                                         "She moved to a country where opportunity was more available.” (Pronoun)


Is a verb used to describe something that happened in the past


"What were you doing last night?”                                  "My parents were out of town all last week.”                      "Why were you out so late?”



Has to do with clothing or accessories that you have on your body or being excessively used


"In the car, you must wear your seatbelt.”                         "Are you wearing my shoes?”                                          "My brother wears glasses.”                                         "Staring at a computer for six hours a day can really wear out your eyes.”                                                                 "The car’s tyres are wearing thin.”


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