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Primary 5 Term 2 update...

15 Mar 2017

P5 enjoyed hot chocolate and a biscuit in the gazebo as winter ends and spring begins.


Space: We used representations for the sun, earth and moon to show orbiting.  A practical investigation was done using toilet paper to show the distance between each planet.  It showed us how big our solar system is!


Science: Our topics was ‘Solids and Liquids’.  Many experiments were carried out, we even got to eat ice pops and rice krispie buns as it helped us learn about the effects of heating and cooling solids and liquids.  We separated mixtures by using filter paper (water and muddy water), using a sieve(rice and pasta) and a magnet (paper clips and sand).


The P5 Shop: We learned about finding totals and calculating change by running a class tuck shop each Friday for 8 weeks.  We had to work as  a team to price items so we did not make a loss.  We had a lot of fun!



Finally, P5 used smarties to learn about the denominator when exploring fractions.  






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