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Healthy Eating

As the school is a health promoting school, we ask for your support with regard to the foods you send with your child to school. We would encourage you not to send unhealthy snacks, such as crisps and chocolate bars in your child’s lunchbox and keep these snacks until Friday when they are permitted. Please remember that we are trying to instil a life long habit for the children and not just for the present time.

Milk is available to those children who request it and currently costs 17p per day, the total cost for the year is payable in the first term. 

We operate a 'boomerang' lunch box policy. This requires children to keep all of their uneaten food and wrappers and packs in their lunchbox until they get home. This allows parents to see what has and hasn't been eaten during the school day and ensures our recycling bins are used correctly. 

We also request that you give your child a plastic bottle of fresh water every day, clearly labelled with their name, for them to sip throughout the day. We strongly advise that the bottle is not screw top as these are especially difficult for the infants to manage, but is of the sport top variety.

Friday is our ‘Feast day’ when the children may, if they wish, bring in a snack that is not encouraged during the week for example a bag of crisps or a chocolate biscuit.
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