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The School Day

The school day begins at 9.00am on the Tirkeeran site and at 9.05am on the Glenullin site. We expect all children to be in their classes at this time so as not to interrupt the flow of teaching.

Teachers will provide early morning supervision from 8.40am on both sites. Parents are advised that supervision is only provided from the arrival of the first bus to the Tirkeeran site at approximately 8.20-25 and that no children should be left on school premises before this.

School finishes at 1.55 pm for the children in Primaries One and Two and at 2.55pm for all other classes.

If you need to collect your child before these finishing times please speak to the secretary/Principal who will record the child’s leaving or send a note with the child to school outlining the need to leave early etc. We will not allow any child to leave the school premises unaccompanied.
It is also important that you give us a list of people who have your permission to collect your child/children if you do not collect them yourself. We will not release any child to anyone who is not on this list (unless we are asked specifically to do so in exceptional circumstances) so please inform us of any changes as soon as possible either in person, by telephoning or by letter.

Children who are collected on the Tirkeeran site should be met in the school where a member of staff is present to oversee the hand over of the children especially at 2pm.

These arrangements are necessary to ensure the safety of our children and our staff.


Tirkeeran Site

9am School begins
10.40-11am Mid morning break
12.30-1.05pm Lunch break
1.55pm End of school day for Primary 1 and 2
2.55pm End of school day for Primary 3



Glenullin Site

9.05am School begins
10.45-11am Mid morning break
12.30-1.00pm Lunch break
2.55pm End of school day for Primary 4-7

In the interests of pupil safety, parents are asked not to drive or park within the school grounds on the Glenullin site but use the car parking facilities provided at the road side out side the school gate.
Thank you.

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